Brickshire’s First Quarterly Meeting

Brickshire figureOne of the fundamental reasons that Brickshire was formed was to allow like minded AFOLs to meet regularly and relatively locally. This weekend marked our first of hopefully many quarterly meetings. I thought it would be nice to give you a flavour of the event as an update for those that didn’t attend and a taster for prospective members.

It was a very informal event and a number of members attended, for some it was their first Brickshire meeting. The first hour flew by without getting more than a fleeting chance to talk to anyone, as everyone was busy setting up their models and displays.

City Layout

Once everyone had set up and settled in, I officially opened the meeting with a quick welcome and introduction to the days events, and the floor was opened on a couple of official matters. As it was a short meeting, there wasn’t much in the way of an itinerary. I thought it would be good to let everyone get to know each other naturally.


After that I was lost in a blur of Brickshire minifigures and raffle ticket sales before getting chance to have a good look at everyone’s displays, and chat to a few new members and members I’d not met before. Almost everyone had brought something to display, which was great as it provided the stimulus to get people talking.

Lunch came around very quickly, all of which was donated by members (or in my case, members’ wives). After lunch the informality continued. There were some fantastic models, and the feedback I’ve received is that the event was thoroughly enjoyed by all. We closed the meeting with a raffle.

Raffle Prize Table

At this point, I have to add a huge thank you to everyone who donated prizes to the raffle. There were a lot of fantastic and very generous prizes, with the “star prize” being an unreleased (in the UK) Galaxy Squad set. All in all there must have been over 25 lots up for grabs, and every single person that bought a raffle ticket won a prize (except poor old me).

Everyone packed up fairly swiftly, and it was great to see people helping each other out. The four hours that we had this time around went really quickly, and without drama… with the exception of me losing the keys to the Village Hall.

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