Chairman’s Award: Yorkshire BrickShow 2016

The Chairman’s award is awarded to a Brickshire member who has displayed their MOC at any event at which more than Brickshire MOC is displayed. Any MOC of any size will automatically be entered if it meets the criteria. For the purpose of the award, the MOC can be a combination of sets which have been modified for display, a MOC based on something or a completely original build. So give it a go. Build anything from a sofa to a large scale scene and then get down to an event and put it on display. Even the master builders started somewhere.

The first winner of the chairman’s award is Marcin Witkiewicz for his exquisite Warsaw Palace. The reason this MOC stood out for me was the attention to detail, a feature of all Marcin’s models if I am honest. However this one is different as the detail isn’t instantly noticeable. It is only after the MOC draws you in that you recognise the complex techniques used. There is such a touch of class and elegance to this MOC that it just makes you sit back and say ‘wow’. I will openly admit that historical buildings are not my thing, nor would I have imagined that I would pick this MOC over others. A wonderful MOC, and I take my hat off to Marcin; congratulations on winning the first ever Brickshire Chairman’s award.


Runner up at YBS 2016 has to go Sally Mansfield-O’Donnell’s Chocolate Room. It was quite a close run thing, and not just because it was right in front of me, but for completely different reasons. I am sure some will admire the many different sections of the MOC, or Sally’s interpretation of an iconic scene. For me it was how it drew in the audience, children and adults and the constant ‘ooos’ and ‘ahhhs’ and “Its Charlie and the chocolate factory, look at him getting sucked up the tube!” I could go on. Sometimes it’s not just about the techniques, the choice of colours or even the skill level. It has to be how it is received. On another day this would have won hands down, so congratulations go to Sally for an excellent MOC.



Chairmans Award Mowbray 2016


As I settled into Mowbray it was time to look at the displays and see what caught my eye for this event’s chairman’s award.  The clear winner for me came quite instantaneously and I found myself once again drawn in to a MOC for completely different reasons to my expectations. This I think is the beauty of this award; that it’s not necessarily one particular thing but can be a combination of features that leads to a MOC being honoured. This particular MOC should give members inspiration to pool their collection together and create a scene to display them.

Without further ado the winner is Andrew Carlin for his Hoth Battle scene.  Andrew’s combination of Star Wars sets from different eras created an interesting scene along with some nice staging of minifigures. Touches of humour added to the scene along with some Speeder Repair Stations MOC’S.  This was also one of the displays that I watched closely for the visiting public’s reaction to and it certainly got the attention it deserved.  Many children, unless visiting really big corporate LEGO shows and Legoland, are unlikely to see such a large number of AT-AT’S, Snow Speeders and Snow troopers in one place.  So congratulations go to Andrew, on a great display MOC.

Runner up was equally easy for me and this time at its second show outing, it caught my eye.  Bizarrely it was also down to the fact that I managed to get a sneak peak at the many skilled techniques it exhibited.  I had noticed it at YBS and it was up there as a contender; however the added nature of watching it be reassembled for display made me appreciate it even more. So congratulations go to Andy Wood and his epic Charizard, a beautiful representation of a Pokemon and a great MOC.


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