Chairman’s Award

Mowbrary 2017 Chairman’s Award.

Before I get to the winner of this year’s Chairman’s award, I will provide an update on the other events and the outcomes.

Brick Lincs 2016 results – Jason Pettifer for Minions and Steven Livingston for John Lewis Modular Store.

YBS 2017 – No one picked.

Results for Mowbray 2017 – Island Collaborative build

This was an easy decision for me as the idea was fantastic, the participation brilliant and the overall look at the show, outstanding.  Hats off to Andy Veltman for coming up with idea.

Special mention to Sally MOD for her Unikitty Island which was selected the winner by an independent judge.

Pictures of all the islands on the Mowbray 2017 event report.

For this, some special badges will be made for everyone who took part.

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