Chairman’s Award


As I settled into Mowbray it was time to look at the displays and see what caught my eye for this event’s chairman’s award.  The clear winner for me came quite instantaneously and I found myself once again drawn in to a MOC for completely different reasons to my expectations. This I think is the beauty of this award; that it’s not necessarily one particular thing but can be a combination of features that leads to a MOC being honoured. This particular MOC should give members inspiration to pool their collection together and create a scene to display them.

Without further ado the winner is Andrew Carlin for his Hoth Battle scene.  Andrew’s combination of Star Wars sets from different eras created an interesting scene along with some nice staging of minifigures. Touches of humour added to the scene along with some Speeder Repair Stations MOC’S.  This was also one of the displays that I watched closely for the visiting public’s reaction to and it certainly got the attention it deserved.  Many children, unless visiting really big corporate LEGO shows and Legoland, are unlikely to see such a large number of AT-AT’S, Snow Speeders and Snow troopers in one place.  So congratulations go to Andrew, on a great display MOC.

Runner up was equally easy for me and this time at its second show outing, it caught my eye.  Bizarrely it was also down to the fact that I managed to get a sneak peak at the many skilled techniques it exhibited.  I had noticed it at YBS and it was up there as a contender; however the added nature of watching it be reassembled for display made me appreciate it even more. So congratulations go to Andy Wood and his epic Charizard, a beautiful representation of a Pokemon and a great MOC.


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